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Pie Crust Recipe and Great Pie Crust Recipes

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all butter pie crust

Vintage Pie Crust Recipes

You got to have a good pie crust

A good pie starts with a tasty pie crust. Your pie crust can make or break how the whole pie will turn out.

These pie crust recipes are accompanied with detailed instructions and illustrations. We will show you helpful techniques and prevent you from making common mistakes.

If you are looking for a good pie crust recipe, you found it.
If you need help with your pie crust, you are in the right place.
If you want to learn the art to a good pie crust, we will show you.

A serious pie baker
will find our recipes
very informative.

Maybe you are a pie crust expert and want to know what we have to say about the subject. You too will find new ideas and trends to sharpen your skills.

Pie Crust Recipes

Super Flaky Pie Crust Recipe

best apple pie recipes

This State Fair Winning super flaky pie crust recipe is For Your Eyes Only!


Easy, Pat Pan Pie Crust Recipe

best pat in the pan pie crust recipe

A simple pie crust made without a rolling pin.


Gluten Free Wheat Free Pie Crust

best apple pie recipes

No one will know it but you. I guarantee it!


Decorate with Pie Buttons

best apple pie recipes

Pie buttons are an easy way to decorate and personalize your pie.


Pie Crust Recipe from my Friend

pie crust recipe from a friend

My friend reveals all you need to know to make a flaky, tender pie crust..


Pie Crust Recipe Leaf Lard Butter

pie crust recipe made with lard and butter

The Quest for the Perfect Pie Crust or is it a resurrection of the past.


Pate Brisee – The Pastry Killer

creamy pumpkin pie

The dough is a French short crust pastry.


Cinnamon Rolls – leftover pie crust

creamy pumpkin pie

Sweet Golden Flaky Cinnamon Rolls with a playful swirl.


Almond cookies – leftover pie crust

almond butter leftover pie crust

Nutty topped delicious almond cookies. Fast and easy to make.

Vintage Pie Crust Recipes and Help

Homemade Pie Crust help and tips from 1877

Very nicely done. Notice how things have not changed much.

Pie Tips and Remarks from 1887

Be sure to read through it. It is very informative if you want to brush up on your pie skills.

Traditional Homemade Pie Crust of 1877

This pie crust recipe calls for lard.

How to make a Pie – from The White House Cookbook

Learn what it took to bake a pie in 1887 to roll out a the dough for your pie crust.

Aunty Homemade Pie Crust of 1877 Buckeye Cookbook

This pie crust recipe calls for sweet cream.

Pie Crust made from Suet of 1887

Obviously this is not the crust for everyday pies.

Suet Pie Crust from 1877

The suet will be a pure and sweet like shortening.

Homemade Pie Crust Recipe using Beef Drippings

This recipe is better suited for savory pies but can be used on heavily spiced dessert pies.

Puff Homemade Pie Crust of 1877

Here is a short cut to making puff pastry that works out very well for a pie crust.

French Puff Pastry Pie Crust from Vintage Hands

If you can master this pastry, you are licensed to call yourself a pastry chef.

Graham Pie Crust Recipe from a cookbook of 1877

This is a simple pie crust recipe that uses graham (whole wheat) flour.

Fine Puff Pastry Pie Crust Recipe from 1887

I purchased this puff pastry pie recipe from an African American cook.

Plain Pie Crust Recipe, the old faithful crust of 1887

This plain crust recipe is a general all purpose crust for all types of fillings.

Flaky Pie Crust Recipe for that special pie from 1887

This is a funny way of adding flakes to your pie crust. It is almost as if the baker forgot to.

Soyer’s Pie Crust Recipe from a cookbook of 1887

Soyer’s puff pastry for pies is a fold in pate brisee pie crust.

Potato Pie Crust Recipe for those Savory Dishes of 1887

It is essential to serve potato with meat pies.

Puff Pastry Pie Crust Recipe – Maria’s Choice from 1887

It includes steps in washing your butter. Yes! You read it right.

Bottom – under crust- Pie Crust Recipe – No Soggy of 1887

The pie crust recipe is designed for pies that contain watery liquid fillings like custard or pumpkin.

Icing, a Nice Glaze, for your Top Pie Crust from a cookbook of 1887

The icing glaze for your pie crust will add another delicious variation to your list of pie crust recipes.