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Star Pies: The Next Generation – pies of tomorrow

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the next generation pie


The Next Generation Pies

The most innovative pies are now being made. We are baking pies where no baker has gone before.

We have the technology, the passion, and the baking skill to create pies that will fascinate even the most adventurist belly on the planet.


Vintage Pie Crust Tips


Pies are more adaptable than cake

Pies are more versatile than cupcakes or cookies. Why so. With pies we have more materials to work with: the crust, the filling, and the form.

As pie bakers, we take these things for granted. We all have followed the tradition of round pies in round pans. Okay, some of you are using rectangular pans for your tarts.


Competition with cakes and candies

If any of you enjoy watching Food Network, you’ll notice cakes and candies taking on form and function beyond what was ever imagined to be feasible.

Well now it’s the pies turn. I’m going to transport myself to the future and re-write the rules on pies.


A serious pie baker
will find this
very informative.

Welcome aboard

Are you ready to join me on this fantastic voyage to pies of the Next Generation? Then hop on my pie shuttle to the imaginations of this baker.


Not going to always go right

You need to know that not only will I post my successes but also my failures. Knowing the challenges I encounter and how I overcame them will allow you to learn, maybe more so, from my mistakes.

Maybe you are a pie crust expert and want to know what we have to say about the subject. You too will find new ideas and trends to sharpen your skills.


The Next Generation Pies – For Now and the Future

A Pie for the Kids – Carousel Party

pie carousel kids carnival

This easy carnival pie will bring the kid out of you, if not a kid already.

Ballerina – Wedding Bride Pie

ballerina dance wedding bride pie

Using pie pastry to build a dancer on the pie.


Vintage Pie Crust Tips for the Next Generation

Pie Tips and Remarks from 1887

Be sure to read through it. It is very informative if you want to brush up on your pie skills.

Homemade Pie Crust help and tips from 1877

Very nicely done. Notice how things have not changed much.

Puff Homemade Pie Crust of 1877

Here is a short cut to making puff pastry that works out very well for a pie crust.

French Puff Pastry Pie Crust from Vintage Hands

If you can master this pastry, you are licensed to call yourself a pastry chef.

Fine Puff Pastry Pie Crust Recipe from 1887

I purchased this puff pastry pie recipe from an African American cook.

Flaky Pie Crust Recipe for that special pie from 1887

This is a funny way of adding flakes to your pie crust. It is almost as if the baker forgot to.

Puff Pastry Pie Crust Recipe – Maria’s Choice from 1887

It includes steps in washing your butter. Yes! You read it right.

Bottom – under crust- Pie Crust Recipe – No Soggy of 1887

The pie crust recipe is designed for pies that contain watery liquid fillings like custard or pumpkin.

Icing, a Nice Glaze, for your Top Pie Crust from a cookbook of 1887

The icing glaze for your pie crust will add another delicious variation to your list of pie crust recipes.