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Blue Ribbon
Pie Crust Course


Homemade Flaky Pie Crust, Step by Step and more…

Everything you want to know about the perfect pie crust

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Pie Crust Fear

Do you fear baking pies because your pie crust never comes out? When it comes to pastry polls, they indicate pie crust is the most intimidating task for home cooks. It is no wonder that more families are eating frozen pies or only eat pie when they go out to eat. However, should the pie crust be feared? No!

Understand Your Pie Crust

There is no
commercial pie crust
equal to a quality
homemade pie crust.

Here at you will understand your pie crust. Let us teach you the technique and show you what you might be doing wrong. The rest is up to you. “It is necessary to put your hands to the dough”. Yes, hands on experience is everything.

What is your pie crust technique?

The pie crust is the foundation of every pie. Without a good pie crust, you cannot make a delicious pie. How can it be so difficult with just four simple ingredients Flour, Fat, water and Salt? What is the issue? It’s the method and technique applied to these ingredients. Let’s get started and put you on the road to pie heaven.

But first, What is the perfect pie crust?

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All About Pie Crust Recipes

Pie Crust Ingredients – Step by Step

pie crust ingredients

Pie crust ingredients. Do you know them and understand what they do?


Perfect Pie Crust Equipment

pie crust equipment

Do not make it complicated. This is all you need.


Question the Perfect Pie Crust

perfect pie crust question

Does the perfect pie crust really exist.


Pie Tip: Stop Soggy Bottom Crust

prevent soggy pie crust

Can you prevent a soggy bottom pie crust? You bet with this litte known trick.


Defining the Perfect Pie Crust

define the perfect pie crust

Is this the perfect pie crust?


Mixing the Pie Crust Ingredients

mixing pie crust ingredients

The secret of making a flaky pie crust is knowing the mixing technique.


Pie Crust Flour, which one to use?

pie crust flour gluten

Not all flours are created equal. You need the right amount of protein.


Fruit Pie Filling – is it done?

is fruit pie filling done

This is the only true way to check if the fruit in your pie is cooked properly.