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Mini Pie Hands-On-Experience

Posted by Pie Guy

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How many pies should you bake?


Mini Pies, Hands-on experience

Mini pies can be rewarding to make. However, they come with new challenges. Learn from my experience to be successful with mini pies.

Exposure to baking mini pies starts here->

We will focus on making a double-crust apple mini pie. However, the experience gained here can be applied to all most any mini pie recipe.

How many mini pies should you bake?

To determine how many pies you need to bake, we need to know who we are baking for and the kind of event.

Mini pie feeds one, feeds two

A six-inch pie will feed two. A four-inch pie will feed one; it is a large portion for some.

Mini pies for kind-of-knows and do-not-knows

Events where people do not know each other on a closer intimate level like company potlucks, weddings, social parties and kids parties, you want to bake four-inch mini pies and smaller. Plan to bake a mini pie per person but mix-up the flavors. Make some apple, some cherry and some chocolate.

Mini pies for the inner-circle

For a closer net of friends and family, bake six-inch pies. You might ask why a six-inch pie for these special ones? Remember there is more happiness in sharing.

It feels so good to share a pie with someone you are romantic with. Trust is fostered. Either use a single fork and feed each other. Use two forks while you both dive in for your piece of the pie. It seems so simple, but believe me these times will build precious memories.

Sharing a pie with a friend over some coffee is so heart-warming. It draws you closer. You will open up to her and she to you. You will be more understanding.

A mini pie can help mend damaged friendships after thoughtless talk or words were said.


Is it a gift for a close friend or couple?

Make a special pie for mom and dad. A six-inch mini pie is the way to go. It is small enough to be cutely wrapped up in a pretty gift but not so small to seem to lack worthiness.

Remember sharing a six-inch pie is for those you do not mine sharing their cooties (germs) with them. On the other hand, you can slice the mini pie in half ahead of time, and they can take what they want.

I prefer not to because some of my close friends eat like birds, and others do not want me to control their portion of pie.

How many mini pies do you bake?

How many pies to bake is simple arithmetic. Add one for each person for a four-inch pie. Or bake one, six inch pie for every two persons.

Know this that baking six-inch pies is less work than baking four-inch pies for the same amount of people.

You can bake a dozen four-inch mini pies on the same day in most conventional ovens at the same time.

If you plan to bake for more than 12, prepare the crust a day ahead and freeze them. You will need more baking pans as well.

The harder way is to bake a dozen mini pies, remove them from the pans and bake another dozen.

Mini pies fill more than cupcakes

Mini pies are more filling than cupcakes, so you will not need to bake extra mini pies for those who want seconds.

Fill the pan of mini pies

If we are planning to have 32 at a party, go ahead and bake 36 mini pies. Most muffin pans come in six cups or sections, so why not use up the real estate. It will not take much more to fill the pan completely. Plus you will have the opportunity to sort out the best mini pies to present to your guest. Freeze the extras for you to eat later.

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