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Pie School – learn the art of pie making

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raspberry pie
Want more than the pie recipe? Yes. I want knowledge of pie making. What makes a flaky crust? Why are eggs used in filling? Answers to deep pie questions…

Pie School of Pie Making – class / course list

Render your own Lard

render leaf lard

The original shortening. Learn how to render creamy lard for pies and pastries.


Glutens role in pie crust

gluten control for flaky pir crust

How to control gluten development for a flaky crust.


Vintage Pie Making

Render Leaf Fat of 1913

Details on rendering leaf lard.

Cream Apple Pie Recipe of a black slave in 1881

A delightful change from peaches and cream.

Apple Pie Recipe of 1808

This recipe is a pirated editon of Amelia Simmons’ American Cookery (1798).