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Posted by Warren

Does the perfect pie crust really exsist?

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The perfect pie crust.



The perfect pie crust exists, and it does not exist. We are all in search of the perfect pie crust. Using the word “perfect” to define a pie crust is just too strong and absolute. Really, the perfect pie crust does not exist.

A pie crust that’s perfect for one type of pie like fruit pies will not be perfect for a cream pie. Likewise, a perfect pie crust for custard pies will not be suitable for a fruit pie.

A perfect pie crust to one person might not be perfect to another person because of various likes and dislikes of taste.

Defining the
Pie Crust

A grandmother in my family told me she bakes the flakiest pie crust. She tells me her friends boast about her pies and say her pie crust is so flaky. So I asked what do you do to make your pie crust flaky? Well I use flour, oil, milk and salt in my crust and not to over mix. Right away I knew her pie crust could not be flaky. I even tried some. It was definitely a tender mealy crust but not flaky but more bready. Will I tell her it wasn’t flaky? Oh no, I prefer to keep the peace.

Another variable in the pursuit of a perfect pie crust is the culture and the location of the area. For instance, the Amish prefer oil based pie crust due to its properties not needing refrigeration and its excellent capability of holding liquid fillings like custard made from milk and eggs which they have plenty.

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