Best of the Best Custard based Pie Recipes

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All of these pie recipes share two things in common- Eggs and Milk.


Vintage Custard Pie Recipes












Custard pies are less dependent on seasonal ingredients. These pies can be made the year round. A good thing if you love custard pies.


Custard pies are mostly made of eggs and milk. They are baked in a slow oven and typically serve cold or just below a chill.


Handle eggs safely. Even though the chances are very low, your eggs may contain Salmonella.


A custard is a liquid that is thickened with eggs. The liquid is usually some kind of milk or cream. Some custards contain whole eggs and some just egg yolks.


Crust for custards can be par-baked, fully blind-baked and in the rare condition uncooked.


Taste the milk before adding to your filling. It might be sour. You never know when it might by ‘off’. You do not want to find out after the pie is baked and ready to be served.


Use pure extracts in your custard pies. Custards tend to amplify flavors, good or bad ones.


Do not over-bake custard pies

Do not over-bake
custard pies

Do not over-bake custard pies. This is commonly done and overlooked by us. Do not bake them at too high of a temperature. Custards burn quickly. If your custard puff quickly and a lot, your oven is too hot.


Blend your eggs well. Fully integrate the egg yolks with the whites. Do not over beat to a foamy batter. This will put air bubbles in your custard and cause your filling to taste grainy. We want it to be creamy. Right!


In most case, custard pies bake best in a partially pre-baked pie crust. Otherwise the pie crust will be undercooked and taste somewhat like raw dough.


Custard pies continue
to bake when removed
from the oven.

Check for visible clues of when the custard is done. The texture of the filling should go through a change. It should barley set in the center, not soupy. The pie filling will wiggle but not move around. The edges of the custard might be slightly raised when done.


If your custard is not quite done but almost, turn off the oven but leave the custard pie in for another 10 to 15 minutes. This will give you some extra bake time without over cooking.



Custard Pie Recipes

Custard Pie Recipe - Top Pick

easy custard pie recipe


A sweet and creamy dessert that is fast and easy to make.

Key Lime Pie Recipe

best apple pie recipes


Key Lime Pie is so easy to make.

Coconut Buttermilk Pie Recipe

coconut buttermilk pie recipes


Buttermilk makes a down to home pie with Amish roots.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

creamy pumpkin pie


This pie is so creamy it melts in your mouth. Time to taste Fall.

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

sweet potato pie recipe


Do you know why this pie is so delicious? Well it is...

Vintage Custard Pie Recipes

Custard Pie Recipe of a black slave in 1881

It is surprising that this custard pie recipe was ever written.

Custard Pie Recipe of 1845

The recipe has not change much in 200 years.

Bakers' Custard Pie Recipe of 1887

The White House custard pie recipe contained details most cookbooks of the 17th century did not have.

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe of a black slave of 1881

Sweet potatos are an important starch with african slaves since it reminded them of their yams.

Coconut Custard Pie Recipe of 1887

The White House custard pie recipe contained details most cookbooks of the 17th century did not have.

Coconut Pie Recipe of an African slave in 1881

The recipe calls for a fresh coconut and many eggs.

Chocolate Custard Pie Recipe of 1887

The White House custard pie recipe contained details most cookbooks of the 17th century did not have.

Custard Pie Recipe by Aunt of 1897

A non-kosher Jewish cookbook.

Custard Pie Recipe by culinary school of 1896

The first edition of this cookbook sold out and became the bestseller of the 17th century.

Mock Cream Pie Recipe by The White House of 1887

This cream pie is really a custard pie in disguise with a meringue top from the 17th century.


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