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Valarie Enters TV Celebrity and Star Pie Baker –

Valarie Enters Pie Baker – Pie Celebrity and Star

Posted by Warren

Valarie Enters the pie queen.
citrus pear pie

Valarie Enters


the Cherry Pie Queen.


“I love a challenge”


Valarie Enters love for baking started when she was 10 years old. Born in Los Angeles she was no doubt exposed to many cuisines. She says, “I wanted to bake the oatmeal cookies that were on the back of the canisters.”

Catalina Aguilar is very proud of her sister´s accomplishments and supports her knowing she makes others happy with her baking.

Valarie´s father was the most influential on her baking and cooking career. He was born into a poor Mexican family. Valarie feels what her father taught her will always be with her. At the time of this writing he is no longer with us. Valarie is the mother of three children.

“I like to use vinegar in the crust.
What vinegar does
is prevent the gluten
from developing.”

In her early years Valarie was training as a missionary. Valarie lived in remote places and had to bake. “If you don´t bake it yourself, you won´t get to eat it.”

Valarie was highly motivated to cook. So in 1999 she started cake decorating. Baking is a joy to her.

Valarie began competing in the National Pie Competition in 2006. She entered as an amateur. Her cherry pie won Best of Show. The prize was $5,000 and an oven.

Valarie also competes occasionally in the National Gingerbread Competition. Valarie loves a challenge. Pie competitions are a joy for her and allows for her baking skills to be sharpened.

Valarie has grown to develop her skills and invented new ideas to improve her baking of pies. She says. “Competing is personally stimulating because rewards and not only in the ribbons and prize money, but in a sense of accomplishment.”

Valarie´s favorite pie is a toss up between banana cream pie and coconut cream pie. She loves to bake fruit and classic pies. The new fangled pie with crazy ingredients is not for her.

Valarie baked professionally for Publix in 2006. She would love to be a host of a food show; teach people how to cook and bake.

In her free time, she watches reality shows. It´s because they foster the competitive spirit. She loves to cook food for her children and friends in her town of Altamonte Springs, Florida.

2006 Pie Contest entries and Winnings
First place – Morello Cherry Pie

2008 Pie Contest entries and Winnings
First place – Better than Grandma´s Pie
First place – Ode to Phill Miner French Silk Pie
Honorable Mention – Gotta Love Lemon Cheese Pie

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