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You must use this trick to Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust

The trick to Prevent a Soggy Bottom Pie Crust is?

Posted by Warren

Recipe to prevent a soggy pie crust. Total added prep

  Just a little more effort and you can stop juicy pie fillings from destroying your pie crust.

This is what you can do to prevent a soggy bottom pie crust.

Have you heard? The trick is to use egg whites.

We often use an egg wash on the top crust to make them shiny and golden, but brushing some on your unbaked bottom pie crust is a great idea too.


Why does egg whites prevent a soggy pie crust?

Egg whites form a protective moisture between juicy pie fillings and your un-baked pie crust before and after baking.

Water blockers – egg white protein

Egg whites contain proteins. These proteins like to bind to each other. Protein structures have a molecular bond until heat or aggregation is applied.

As the egg whites heat up they start to coagulate or thicken, which helps push the wet pie filling away from the pie crust. Cooked egg whites swell to build a stronger structure that has a solid form. This solid form is rubbery like and will block water molecules from penetrating.

This is why egg whites are used to hold the ingredients together like a binder. Sometimes it is used as a toughener in recipes and can seem to dry out baked goods with excessive egg whites.

No one can tell you used egg whites

Egg whites are almost tasteless and nearly undetectable in your pie crust when baked. This makes them safe to use in pies of any flavors or ingredients.

—How to use Egg Whites to prevent a soggy Pie Crust—

What is needed?

egg whites from 1 large egg


2 tablespoons of carton egg whites

1 pastry brush

Directions for using egg whites

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a flaky pie crust?

1. Roll out your dough for the bottom crust and place it in a chilled dish. Chill it for at least 15 – 60 minutes.
2. Separate the yolk from one large egg and save the yolk for later use or use two tablespoons of carton egg whites.

egg whites stop soggy pie crust


3. stir the egg whites until you see some bubble form like soap suds.

4. Using a pastry brush, lightly brush on the egg whites all over the chilled pie crust and try to prevent it from puddling on the bottom. Re-chill the crust again for at least 15 minutes or until the crust firms up.

If the filling is really wet,
you should freeze the crust
before adding your juicy filling.
This is an extra pre-caution
to prevent a crust becoming soggy.

5. Fill the chilled pie crust and place in a hot oven right away if it does not have a top crust.

6. For a double-crust pie fill it, place on the top crust and chill for at least 15 minutes. Place the chilled pie in a hot oven right away.

7. Wrap disks tightly with plastic wrap and chill for 30-60 minutes. You can freeze them for two months by adding a foil wrap to the covered disks.

8. Your dough is now ready for your favorite pie recipe.

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