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McDonald’s Hot Apple Pie – the fried one

mac-apple-pieI grew up in a poor family and we did not have much money to spare. However, we could go to McDonald’s and one of my favorites is hot apple pie with a vanilla shake. I could get them both for under a dollar.

These crispy pies are the best and hard to replace by any pro bakery. The crunchy outer crust and the hot sweet filling inside is a match made in heaven. The pies were really apple turnovers in the shape of a golden-flaky rectangle.

How many times these pies burned my mouth? Blow to cool it down, take a bite and repeat the process all over again until it’s half consumed.

They were a staple to me delivering a simple joy, why in 1992 McDonald’s would discontinue this menu item I have no idea.

McDonald’s Pie History

A little history lesson for those of you who’ve only been eating fast food after 1992. McDonald’s didn’t always serve doughy-little boring baked apple pies.

With 1992, the baked apple pie came to your local McDonald’s, pushing out their fattier older fry pie.

McDonald’s apple pies were introduced on the menu in 1968, but in 1992 they were phased out in favor of a baked pie, claimed to be healthier, in the United States. Years later in the 70’s, the cherry pie was added to the menu.

The new baked version pies aren’t crisp but more cakey. I find them doughy and quite boring. They taste like a commercial store bought pie. These pies aren’t my favorite, and I just needed to order them once to not to order them ever again, no matter how affordable they are.

Please bring back your fried pies.

McDonald’s Apple and Cherry Pies 1979


McDonald’s Apple Pie Carton 1970’s


McDonald’s Cherry Pie in Commercial 1982