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Polly’s Pies Restaurant

On my trip to Riverside in Southern California I made a special trip to visit a pie dinner called Polly’s Pies. The video is my documentary on their pies.

Polly’s Pies History

In 1968 the first Polly’s was opened in Fullerton California. The name Polly was chosen, in part, because the front doors of the restaurant had handles shaped like the letter “P” and they wanted to use those handles to save some money. The family suggested the name Polly’s in honor of Polly Martin, who was the newborn daughter of the restaurant’s first manager.

Later they adopted the name Polly’s Tasty Foods and Pies, then Polly’s Bakery Cafe, and are currently known as Polly’s Pies Restaurant. But their guests often just call them Polly’s or Polly’s Pies. They built a loyal clientele by serving outstanding pies, hamburgers, and sandwiches and doing so much a special friendliness not found in other restaurants.

Pies I ate There

And of course, we are here to try out their pies. I had their chicken pot pie with house gravy and their banberry and boysenberry sweet pies.

See Polly Pies Photo Galery: