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ClearJel ®, Clear Jel, Clear Gel – Best Thickening for Pie Filling

Posted by Warren

How to thicken juicy pie fillings.


Can ClearJel be over cooked? very unlikely


Ranked the top pie filling thickener by Cook’s Illustrated


A failsafe way to thicken fruit pies

Thickens without cooking

Clear Jel for canning pie filling

What is Instant ClearJel, Clear Gel?

This is a modified cornstarch.

It is the secret ingredient that many commercial bakers use in their fruit pie fillings.
ClearJel makes a fruit filling that’s clear and not cloudy. It has no floury, pasty or starchy flavor.

You can use it
1 for 1 with flour

You can freeze Clear Jel

This starch is stable enough to be frozen. You can freeze an unbaked pie and then bake it later without the possibility of the filling becoming runny.

Easy to use

ClearJel is easy to use. You don’t have to over cook the fruit with it as you do with cornstarch in some pies. You just have to whisk the fruit or berries with the ClearJel and sugar mix or sprinkle this mixture over the fruit. Cover the fruit or berries and you are ready to bake.

Starch is okay with acids

Thicken filling
with Cornstarch

Unlike other starches, ClearJel works well with acidic ingredients. Clear Jel can tolerate high temperatures. So it is difficult to over cook.

This thickener is an excellent choice if you would like to canned your homemade pie fillings, since it does not begin thickening until the liquid starts to cool. This will allow the heat to evenly distribute within the jar during the process.

This starch is excellent for fruit and berry fillings

Instant ClearJel® is ideal for thickening fruit and berry pies like apple,
berry, peaches, plums and, etc.

Flour might make your filling cloudy. Cornstarch could break down and
become watery. ClearJel, “ClearGel�, leaves the filling crystal clear and holds its

Substitute for flour

If your recipe calls for flour as a thickener, use the same amount of ClearJel,
or slightly less.

Substitute for cornstarch

If your recipe uses cornstarch or tapioca, use a little less than double the amount of ClearJel.

Always mix Clear Jel with sugar before using

To prevent clumping, be sure to mix the ClearJel with some sugar of the recipe before combining with the fruit.

How much starch to use

The amount of ClearJel needed depends on how juicy the fruit you are using in the pie filling. Apples require less. Berries need more.

Use about about one to two tablespoons of ClearJel in a typical 9″ dry fruit pie like apples.

Berries and other juicy fruits need two to five tablespoons of ClearJel, depending on whether you want the filling somewhat runny, or very stiff.

Use the
regular Clear Jel
for canning
pie filling.

The Other: Instant Clear Gel – similar but different

Instant ClearJel will thicken a little bit more when heated. Just like the regular ClearJel it is almost heat and acid resistance. Instant ClearJel has excellent cold temperature stability and storage which make is good for refrigerated and frozen pies.

Do not use Instant ClearJel for canning or pie filling. It is only good for one-time heating. It does not like to be heated twice.

Do not need to cook to thicken filling

Instant ClearJel will thicken fruit without baking. To make a delicious fresh berry pie, cut up the berries, and sprinkle it with half the sugar called for in the recipe. Let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes, until the juices start to collect in the bottom of the bowl. Mix the instant ClearJel with the remaining sugar, and stir it with the fruit. Gently pour the thickened filling into a cooled pre-baked pie shell. You may top with whipped cream.

Instant ClearJel – No need to cook

Instant Clear Jel does not need to be cooked to thicken your pie filling. It will start to thicken as soon as a liquid is added like water, milk and juices. Instant Clear Jel will give your filling a smooth texture without being gummy when fully hydrated.

Instant ClearJel – Is good for pies but bad for canning

ClearJel ‘Clear Gel’ shelf life

Store product in an airtight, moisture-proof container. Kept cool and dry it will last for one year.

Advantages of Clear Gel:

  • Clear Gel is clear in color when cooked.
  • It has excellent stability.
  • Clear Gel remains smooth.
  • It prevents liquid separation and curdling after foods have been frozen.
  • Custard and pudding pie fillings can be frozen with excellent results.

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