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Polly’s Pies Restaurant

On my trip to Riverside in Southern California I made a special trip to visit a pie dinner called Polly’s Pies. The video is my documentary on their pies. Polly’s Pies History In 1968 the first Polly’s was opened in Fullerton California. The name Polly was chosen, in part, because the front doors of the […] Read More

Lake County Fair 2017 Pie Show

Christopher Kimball No Fuss Pie Crust So how do you create a dough that’s easy to work with and does not shrink when you bake it but turns out tender and flaky. And! Now! After four decades in development, a new method has appeared to make pie making easy. We need to suspend the water […] Read More

Sunflower Seed Pie – Unique Pie

What! Sunflower Seeds This Sunflower Seed Pie is so wonderfully delicious that any candy-loving kid would love to eat. However, it’s fit and healthy enough for the health conscience parent. This pie is the invention of two of my closest family members in mind. One said she can’t eat process sugar and the other is gluten […] Read More

Bang! Bang! Mexican French Silk Pie

Since their recipe is not published, I mastermind a mocked version from watching their video of them making their silk pie. I bet it’s spot on. Just be prepared to buy some Tequila Cream Liqueur $$$. The french silk pie is Chicago’s Bang Bang Pie Shop latest dessert. In the video about Bang Bang’s pie, they mention […] Read More

Papaya Pie Recipe – Unique Pies

A short story about the name My family all asked me, “Why a papaya pie?”. So I decided to call this pie “Papa Why-A Pie”. Can you see the connection since I’m a papa? Oh My Papaya Pie This pie is so wonderful. Not only did it taste scrumptious, it looked very pretty with hues […] Read More

Abigail’s Pies on When Calls the Heart

Lee and Rosemary says, “Lets eat pie at Abigail’s Cafe.” Hope Valley ‘When Calls the Heart’ is a family series of faith, loyalty, and love. This remarkable show takes us back to simpler times. Maybe not so simple for all. Set in 1910, the series follows schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher in Western Canada’s Coal Valley (now […] Read More

Paul Hollywood: Easy Key Lime Pie

Paul says, “No other dessert says Florida more than Key lime pie. I love the biscuit base, the smooth, creamy topping, and the tangy flavor from the Key limes. I worked my way through a few slices whilst in Miami–some were too sweet, others too sharp. This recipe strikes the perfect balance. You don’t need […] Read More

Painted Heart – I Love You Cherry Pie

Please! Give Me A Painted Heart About a year ago my cousin asked us to join her in a family project. She wanted us to paint hearts on a 6-inch by 6-inch piece of canvas. I told her I would love to. It’s a wall-of-hearts from all those who you love. I think it’s pretty […] Read More